The Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd (“FEM”) is licensed to conduct non-life insurance business.


Benefits payable under COIDA

1. Income reimbursed by FEM at a rate of 75% as per COIDA.
2. Unlimited medical cover, subject to COIDA tariffs, for accepted claims in line with injury.
3. Pensions paid out for more serious injuries as per COIDA, either as a lump sum or as a monthly pension.
4. Pensions paid to a spouse / spouses and children in the event of death of an employee, up to certain maximums.
5. Funeral benefit paid by FEM, in the event of the death of an employee, ensuring a dignified burial.

Benefits of FEM membership

1. Access to private healthcare for injured employees – FEM has established relationships with an extensive list of private hospital groups.
2. MSO – A group of qualified case managers who monitor treatment and ensure it is in line with the injury. Thus eliminating over-servicing.
3. Administration done by FEM includes requesting of all reports until finalisation of claims.
4. Online submission of claims documentation to help speed up processing.
5. Accident statistics available on-line.
6. Recover costs from the Road Accident Fund, for Motor Vehicle accident claims, on the employers behalf.
7. On-site training for claims and underwriting training at FEM offices around the country on request.

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